Integrated Geomatics has developed a streamlined approach to planning developments by combining Remote Sensing Data (LiDAR, Airphoto, RADAR, UAV) with other public and private data sets into a client specific GIS. By doing so, we plan collaboratively with our clients on their projects far in advance of any field activities taking place. This results in seamless project execution while reducing the cycle-time and minimizing overall project costs. 

By combining Field Data with Remote Sensing Data, Integrated Geomatics is able to assist with pre-planning field activities. By utilizing our planning sessions, our clients realize the significant cost benefits and fast turnover time on projects. 


Our advanced approach to planning and designing reservoirs for frac operations is unparalleled in the industry. We create a streamlined approach by combining Remote Sensing Technology, Hydrologic Analysis, and Aquatic Sciences to bring your reservoir location to fruition faster and are more economically efficient than standard industry practices.